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Current Games in Development - SolarCycle Trace the Solar Grid for the ride of your life / Zombie Elvis! mobile app, the king lives again

Zombie Elvis!
Category: Games
Released ---- --, ----
Version: 1:0
0.0 MB
Rated 12+

Kitchen Cooking Calculator
Category: Tools
Released Dec 08, 2012
Version: 1:0
3.0 MB
Rated Everyone

Basketball Scoreboard
Category: Sports
Released Apr 20, 2011
Version: 1:0
0.0 MB
Rated 4+

Elvis forever, the king of rock and roll will never die, iconography reminiscent of religious theology, a modern form of idol worship. arms outstretched in scarlet lined cape, like the bat wings of a vampire, a pose reminiscent of christ crucified. It is said that man is made in Gods image, but in todays world of celebrity obsessed culture, has that been reversed, do we make gods in mans image. In Zombie Elvis! I sought to use satire and parody to express the almost infectious obsession that can make some lose their heads.

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Every great dish must start with a great recipe, the best cooking ingredients and just the right measures. Its important that your recipes follow the cooking terms to the letter and every weight and measure is just perfect.

Ever wanted to make the TV chefs cooking recipes, but didn't have all the scales and measures to complete the recipes, well now you have no excuse, the Cooking Calculator gives you everything you need to go from celebrity chef, to a master chef of the kitchen.

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Basketball Scoreboard, take control of the game, with the power in your hands, when you want to score, you use the Basketball Scoreboard.

Perfect for coaches and serious basketball aficionados, this application tells you everything you need to know about the game, for those that need to get that little bit more from their sporting life, and want the equipment to get it, with this in your hands you have all the equipment you will ever need.

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